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welcome to compass income

For over 25 years, Compass Income has provided the best in financial advisory and services that focus on the needs of those who are retired and approaching retirement. We do not view ourselves as an “investment management solution,” rather a trustworthy financial planning / money management team that creates customized, tailored financial plans that consistently delivers results. Our objective is to provide individuals and their families with a financial plan that gives our clients a peace of mind and quality life after retirement.

how can we help ?


If you are paying taxes on CD’s, Money Market Accounts, Mutual Funds or Rental Properties, you may be paying taxes that you do not have to pay. Through proper interpretation of the Internal Revenue Code, there may be legal ways to reduce the federal taxes that you might be required to pay on line 8a of your federal 1040 tax form. In some cases these taxes may be substantially reduced, or almost entirely eliminated. We also may be able to help you in transferring estates from one generation to another generation with with minimal tax liability and probate requirements.


Do you have an IRA , 403b, 401k, SEP or some other type of pension or retirement plan? Would you prefer to minimize the taxes that your children will have to pay (at their tax rates) in the event that funds are left in these accounts at the time of your passing? We at Senior Financial Concepts can show you how to minimize and spread out any tax liabilities that might fall to your heirs.

social security

Are you paying Social Security taxes at the 85% rate? We may be able to help reduce these to 50%, a savings of 35%. In some instances we are able to eliminate them entirely!

3 Ways to Secure an Income after Retirement



It has come to our attention that many annuity owners believe that their annuity is TAX FREE! This is NEVER the case with an annuity. For FREE information please contact us immediately if your annuity was presented to you in this way. We can help you to better understand what you have.



Have you held an annuity for a number of years? Please contact our annuity service center to discuss your options with an experienced and qualified advisor at info@compassincome.com.



Every investor should have regular reviews of their annuity contracts and other investments. Due to changing circumstances such as higher age and lower risk tolerance they may no longer be appropriate. Call 678-731-7200 to make an appointment to speak with an experienced professional.

success stories

“The team of financial consultants at Compass Income are professional, courteous and knowledge. They answered all of the questions my wife & I had about our retirement and helped us set up a plan that would secure our income to come.”

Michael P

Atlanta, GA

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